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In India, land is divided into various categories which are on the basis of its usage. Such categories are:

  1. Commercial
  2. Industrial
  3. Residential
  4. Agricultural

It is extremely important to adhere with the above categories as the category of land not just defines the use of such land but also has tax implications.


The land conversion process requires the grant of a land conversion certificate. Such process differs from state to state.

A legal owner of a land has the right to convert his land if he choses to change the purpose for which it is presently used. The process for such conversion is as follows:

  1. Application to Authority: the land conversion process begins by writing the letter to the local land/revenue authority, having jurisdiction, intimating about the intention to convert and seeking their approval.
  2. Annexure of Documents: Such application should be annexed with all copies of necessary documents which would help establish ownership of the property along with aiding in verification process.
  3. Physical Inspection: If the officer enquiring into the authenticity of the documents is satisfies, he would forward the file to the concerned department, which would carry out a physical inspection of the property.
  4. Issue of Certificate: if the ownership of the land and the contentions made in the application are valid then a certificate for land conversion is issued.
  5. Post compliance: once once the certificate is issued the revenue Department would alter its records. The owner of the land is required to comply with such conversion and carry out all necessary procedures for giving effect to land-use change, within a period of one year, beyond which the certificate shall stand void and the application fees would be forfeited.


  1. Since by default, all land in India is considered to be agriculture, unless the owner applies for a change, this process is essential.
  2. It helps the growing economy by providing for commercial and industrial usage


  1. Identity proof of the owner
  2. Copy of sale deed (if any)
  3. Copy of title deed
  4. RTC (record of rights, tenancy and crops)
  5. Copy of partition deed (in case the land has been inherited)
  6. Copy of mutation certificate
  7. Copy of survey map
  8. Copy of land record
  9. Receipt of payment of land revenue
  10. Past receipt of bill payments
  11. Proof of occupancy

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