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When an independent contractor and service provider come together to form a business proposition, an official agreement is signed between them to acknowledge the future prospects of the business. This official document dictates the particulars of the partnership and governs the roles and responsibilities of both the independent contractor and the service provider.An independent contractor can be an individual, a company, or a business that provides goods and services to a service provider under specified terms which are officially recorded.This agreement is an official record, capturing all the essential details of the partnership, and can also be used in the court of the law, if needed.


Here is the list of important clauses covered in an independent contractor agreement

  1. Details of the hirer and independent contractor: This clause includes the basic details of the person who has hired the independent contractor and the independent contractor such as their name, address, etc.
  2. Nature of services: The clause lays down the details of the services to be provided by the independent contractor.
  3. Time period: The agreement must include the time period within which the services must be completely provided by the independent contractor.
  4. Duties, responsibilities, and payment: This clause includes the duties to be performed by the independent contractor, the responsibilities undertaken and the payment or remuneration to be given to the independent contractor and the manner in which such payment is to be made.
  5. Additional expenses: This clause stipulates who will be responsible to pay any form of additional or out-of-pocket expenses incurred in completing such services.
  6. Confidentiality: The clause protects any information exchanges by the parties during the agreement.
  7. Termination: The clause lays down the conditions in which the agreement may be terminated by either of the parties.
  8. Breach of agreement: Theis clause provides the remedies which can be availed by the hirer and the independent contractor in case of breach of the agreement by either side.
  9. Law and Jurisdiction: The provisions mentions the law application and jurisdiction under which the legal matter will fall if any arises in the future.


This agreement also captures basic details of the independent contractor and the service provider like the address, phone number, complete name of both the parties, company names, and the date when the agreement was signed.


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