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A No Objection Certificate is a legal document which has the force similar to a waiver. It can be issued by any organisation institution or individual. The effect of issuing a No Objection Certificateis that the issuing party does not object to the contents, purpose, activities or any other thing that the other party, to whom the certificate is being issued, is performing. As it is a legal document it can be used in a court of law.


The process of drafting a no objection certificate entails the following:

  1. it should mention the date on which it is being drawn
  2. it is issued to the public at large and it’s usually titled ‘to whomsoever it may be concerned’.
  3. It should identify the issuing party. If it is an organisation then its full legal name, its purpose, etc. If the issuing party is an individual then the No Objection Certificate should mention their name,their father’s name and their relationship with the other party or the purpose for which the No Objection Certificate is being drawn.
  4. Configuration of the party in whose favour No Objection Certificate is being drawn.
  5. Statement attesting to the fact that the issuing party does not object to the activities, purpose or any other thing being performed by the recipient party.
  6. Signature of Issuing Party


  1. An NOC helps avoid possible future conflict
  2. It does not need to be registered


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