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Website T&C also known as terms of use or terms of service are used to regulate the use of a website by the visitor/user. These are not the same as the T&C of the business – these relate to how the website is used.


1. These terms should contain the details of the website/company and their contact details.

2. They should explicitly mention if there are any permitted uses of the content on the website.

3. They should also state the requirements to register including security measures and password related information.

4. Links to other websites should be accompanied by a disclaimer of liability for content on any of the other sites.

5. If the website allows for comments form visitors it is important to have a clause stating that no illegal material – abusive/defamatory or otherwise should be posted by any user. Further, there could be reference to Cookies Policy that the company may have.


  1. They help limit liability.
  2. They help prevent infringement of a company’s intellectual property.
  3. They help build trust with users.
  4. It helps restrict undesirable activities by the users.


  1. There are no particular documents required but the name, registration and contact details of the business as well as the rights and liabilities they claim over their assets like intellectual property should be shared to ensure a comprehensive Website T&C is drafted.

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