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All legal action can only be taken once notice has been served upon the entity or individual you wish to take to court. It is only this process that legalises bringing a matter to court. The intimation sent is known as a legal notice. A legal notice is, therefore, a formal communication to a person or an entity, informing the other party of your intention to undertake legal proceedings against them.


  1. First draft a legal notice, with the issue, the relief sought and a definite time frame (say, 30 to 60 days) to solve the issue. One may write the note on your own, or use a lawyer’s services. It is to be addressed to the other party and sent through a registered
  2. After sending the notice, a copy of the receipt sent must be saved. This may come in handy in case of filing for a court case.
  3. It is recommended to meticulously draft the notice in such a way that it is not lengthy and includes all the material contents relevant to the case. Since it is an extremely important document it is advisable to use the services of a lawyer especially for really technical notices.
  4. Wait for a given period, before the filing of the court case.
  5. Now, the person or entity on whom the legal notice is addressed will have the above mentioned days to revert back with the notice or agree for out of the court settlement.


  1. By submitting a legal notice, it may give the sender a clear intention to file a lawsuit to resolve the issue to which the other party may reply immediately to save itself from court proceedings. A person with the aid of an Advocate can easily describe his case in a legal notice.
  2. Sending a legal notice offers the subject of the legal notice, that is, the opposing party, an opportunity to resolve the matter cordially. It serves as a reminder to the receiver, concerning actions which have intentionally or unintentionally created a problem for the sender.

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